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Security Solutions

Your personal, family as well as business security is vital. We cognizant of the fact that crime is continually evolving and criminals are becoming more sophisticated. Luckily, they haven't outcompeted our innovative products.

We have the latest technology products which we combine to give a bespoke solution. These include CCTV systems with colour night vision, Attendance control, Electric and laser wire, Gate control and automation etc.


Computer Hardware & Accessories

NetcomX Africa supplies various hardware products. We meticulously source and expertly audit each and every device we sell. All our products are directly sourced from the manufacturers. This enables us provide them to you at the fairest prices.

Among others, we sell: Desktops, Servers, Projectors, Servers, Printers, Laptops, Hard disks, Keyboards, Mice, Laptops, Screens, External hard drives, Internal harddisk for both desktops and laptops, NAS, Ups, Laptop adaptors, Shredders, etc.


Network Solutions and Products

There is one company that has vast experience in networking projects of various sizes and budgets; and that company is NetcomX Africa. Over years of practice, we have successfully worked on projects for residential estates, business blocs & apartments, learning and government institutions, as well as business premises. This gives us unequivocal expertise to cost effectively and efficiently work on your project.

In networking department we offer: Structured cabling, Switches, Poe adaptors, Nano station, power beam, rocket dish, Network cables, Routers, IP Telephoning, Switching Solution, Routing Solution, Fiber Optic solutions, WAN, WIFI networks for schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels and homes.


Data Solutions

Data is the modern day oil. With securely stored and retreivable data, you have highly valuable asset. NetcomX Africa provides you reliable, secure and accessible data solutions. These include data centres, cloudhosting, data backup, data security as well as forensics.

Sometimes you lose data to unintended deletion, harddisk damage, malicious deletion or even malware(viruses). In such occurrence, just contact us. We have advanced technology to recover even the near irrecoverable data!!!


Software Development

Do you need a website, point of sale software, web/mobile app, bulk SMS system, college/school management system etc? We got you sorted. We have the finest software engineers to develop, for you, the most reliable softwares.

We have huge experience in various software development technologies including Java, Swift, Ruby, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Python and lately Typescript and Golang. Whichever platform you are on, we are ready for you.


Thin Client Technology

NetcomX Africa is the unequivocal expert in thin client technology. Our thin client technology clients range from learning institutions, offices, governmental and non-governmental institutions, as well as factories.

We provide among others; Vcloudpoint models such as S100 and V1; Ncomputing models such as L-350, L300, RX300, MX300, X350,x550, U170 and many others.


Hardware Support Services

Facing hardware issues? Noisy machine? Overheating?
Get Professional, reliable and authorized support for your home or business technology products.
Ensure Services has an enviable team of experienced and certified professionals to take care of the repair, maintenance and support services for all kinds of technology products. We are authorized by most leading manufacturers to provide support services for their products. Our services are available for both products covered under warranty as well as out of warranty. If you are facing any issues related to software or hardware, you can trust our IT experts to diagnose/repair the problem and ensure that your product is working in an optimal condition.
We provide support services for a range of products including Desktops, Notebooks, Printers and Plotters, Hand Held Devices, Workstations, Monitors, Servers, Storage, Networking equipment etc. You can walk in to any of our support centers to get a superior support service experience. What's more, you can also call us for a pick-up and delivery service at a nominal cost.
We provide support and maintenance for among others printers, data centers, PC, tablets, CCTV systems, networking systems etc.

Why Choose NetcomX Africa

There are numerous reasons as to why many businesses, institutions and households choose NetcomX Africa as their tech advisor and provider. Here are the top ones:

  • We have UNEQUIVOCAL experience in IT
  • We deploy ONLY the best engineers
  • We supply ONLY the best devices and softwares
  • We ALWAYS offer 5-star service

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